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Indie girls

Remigai: Indie pop and folk from Nagoya.
mmm: Read as “mi-mai-mo”. Great concerts, shy and funny on stage, a multi-instrumentalist. Almost a one person show. Also plays the flute in the band Oono Yuuki.
Spangle call Lilli line: Indie, electronica, downtempo.

Remigai – Catch

mmm – Amanojaku

Spangle call Lilli line – Tesla

A handful of pop

Tokumaru Shugo: probably one of the most famous indie bands outside Japan. I suspect it is even more famous outside than inside the country, probably due to the fact his label is American. Listen to this multi-intrumentalist genius who composes and records everything in his music.
Tenniscoats: a Japanese indie duo, Saya and Takashi Ueno, with several collaborations.
Clammbon: indie.
Nagisa Ni Te: 90s pop folk
Salyu – mostly pop, also folk experimental singer.

Tokumaru Shugo – Green Rain

Tokumaru Shugo – Rum Hee

Tenniscoats ft. The Pastels – Vivid Youth

Clammbon – Folklore

Nagisa Ni Te – On the beach

salyu×salyu – ただのともだち