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Indie to the streets of Moscow

Fairlane Acoustic is a Russian project similar to the popular Take Away Shows of La Blogotheque. Here Russian bands play live on city streets or intimate spaces around Moscow. It has already gathered a decent collection of Russian indie bands. Here are some examples, but be sure to check their Youtube channel for more.

HIK: experimental, indie, “intellectual art rock”, from Moscow.
synecdoche montauk: experimental, indie, from Moscow.
Anna Vorfolomeeva: indie pop from Moscow.
Plat’ya za 130: nostalgic pop, indie folk with fun lyrics, from Moscow.

HIK – Ogni (Lights)

synecdoche montauk – Budushee (Future)

Anna Vorfolomeeva – Prohlada (Freshness)

Plat’ya za 130 – Byvshie (Ex-boyfriends)

Evgeny Lebedev

Two jazz projects where the pianist Evgeny Lebedev, from Moscow, participates.
LRK Trio: lively jazz, folk and fusion. The trio is Lebedev, Anton Revnyuk and Ignat Kravtsov.
Alina Rostotskaya & Jazzmobile: jazz and folk. Many adaptations of Russian folk songs (e.g. Songs of Kursk by Georgy Sviridov).

LRK Trio – Plyasovaya

Alina Rostotskaya & Jazzmobile – The Songs of Kursk


Megapolis is a rock band from Moscow active since 1987. The most recent music is calm, adult, soft rock. Megapolis’ lyrics use much poetry from Russian poets such as Joseph Brodsky. The band’s leader, Oleg Nesterov, was recently involved in the project “From the Life of Planets“, a musical tribute to Soviet movies that never made it to the screens due to censorship in the 60s.

Megapolis – Drugoy

Megapolis – Echo