Post-punk is big in Russia (Part 1)

The Russian punk culture rose in the 80s together criticism towards the Soviet regime and a growing sense of lack of future. Whether because of a new “no future” feeling invading the young, political motivations or just plain musical trends, post-punk is big in Russia again. And pretty much all over the country.
Vnutrennee Sgoranie: hysterical rock, post-punk, shoegazing, or post-post as they say. From St. Petersburg.
Slackers: shoegaze from Omsk. As a side note, their song “I’m bored” is using some funny Norwegian and not Russian videos. Although stereotypicaly one could think it might match a bored Russian’s spring afternoon, it does not. (?)
Utro: post-punk from Rostov-on-don. Formed by a Motorama member, another post-punk band which sings in English.

Vnutrennee Sgoranie – Not yet

Vnutrennee Sgoranie – No death

Slackers – I’m bored

Utro – Dushi Stareyt Bystree Tel


Megapolis is a rock band from Moscow active since 1987. The most recent music is calm, adult, soft rock. Megapolis’ lyrics use much poetry from Russian poets such as Joseph Brodsky. The band’s leader, Oleg Nesterov, was recently involved in the project “From the Life of Planets“, a musical tribute to Soviet movies that never made it to the screens due to censorship in the 60s.

Megapolis – Drugoy

Megapolis – Echo

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