Trip-hop from Novosibirsk

With this post I start exploring places further east. Concretely, Novosibirsk in Siberia. Not very widely known but actually Russia’s third most populous city (after Moscow and Peter). It is fairly new (founded in 1893) and at some point it marked the geographical center of the Soviet Union. Its inhabitants are quite proud of the fact that it has a metro system. Personally I very much like the (not metro-reachable) academic neighborhood “Akademgorodok” which lies in the middle of a forest. instrumental downtempo and trip-hop music from Novosibirsk, with a Soviet touch. Also on bandcamp.
Zimne: a trip-hop duo from Novosibirsk. According to them, their lyrics cite and are inspired by Russian-poetry from the beginning of the 20th century. They have 4 albums out, which you can check at their bandcamp page. – Citizens

Zimne – Кротовые норы (Wormholes)

First sampler

My first post is a sampler of new Russian music from different genres. You might start noticing a certain dominance of Saint Petersburg as a indie/experimental music hub.
Nina Karlsson: Indie pop and jazz from Saint Petersburg.
Otava Yo: Folk band with a funny mood, from Saint Petersburg.
TESTO: Folk, ethnic music with an electronic touch, from Saint Petersburg.
Messer Chups: Experimental, rockabilly, surf music with a horror movie touch, from Saint Petersburg.

Nina Karlsson – Dance

Otava Yo – Russian couplets while fighting

TESTO – Cosmonauts

Messer Chups – Chupacabra Twist

Introducing music from Russia and former Soviet states