About me

I am a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at the Oxford Robotics Institute, University of Oxford. My research focuses on robot locomotion and vision. I explore the intersections of these topics with optimization, machine learning, human cognitive and movement research and more.

I am also interested in the ethical and social implications of technology in general and robotics/AI in particular; as well as ethical design and machine ethics. I am particularly concerned with moral autonomy and indirect discrimination issues in tech.

Previously I was a postdoc at Takanishi Laboratory in Waseda University, Tokyo. My PhD was advised by Atsuo Takanishi and José Santos-Victor. It dealt with planning and perception problems for legged robots in challenging terrains (e.g. planning robot contact in space and time; estimating friction from vision; doing stereo in visually repetitive scenes). I have also visited Prof. Oussama Khatib’s robotics group at Stanford, worked at the Computer and Robot Vision Laboratory in IST, and spent a semester at UPC. I also spent some time at the Japanese startup QibiTech. I did my MSc at IST, advised by Alexandre Bernardino and José Santos-Victor.

More research interests: contact and whole-body motion planning, humanoid and legged robots, machine learning, optimization, visual scene understanding, attention, stereo vision, bio-inspired algorithms, game AI, philosophy, philosophy of technology, responsible innovation.

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I (used to) write a blog introducing non-mainstream Japanese music. I also have another one on Russian music.