About me


I’m a Postdoc at the Research Institute of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, in Tokyo. My research is on robot locomotion and vision. I’m also interested in the intersection of these topics with human cognitive and movement studies, user interfaces, games, moral philosophy, and more.

My PhD was advised by Atsuo Takanishi and José Santos-Victor. It dealt with planning and perception problems for legged robots in challenging terrains (e.g. planning robot contact in space and time; estimating friction from vision; doing stereo in visually repetitive scenes).

Previously, I’ve visited Prof. Oussama Khatib’s robotics group at Stanford, worked at the Computer and Robot Vision Laboratory in IST, and spent a semester at UPC. I also spent some time at the Japanese startup QibiTech. I did my MSc at IST, advised by Alexandre Bernardino and José Santos-Victor.

Research interests: robot locomotion planning and control, optimization, visual scene understanding, attention, stereo vision, human cognitive and movement research, moral philosophy.
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I (used to) write a blog introducing non-mainstream Japanese music. I also have another one on Russian music.