This blog introduces modern music from Russia and former Soviet states.
Keywords: Russian music, soviet, post-soviet, indie, alternative.

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Antoha MC

Antoha MC is from the suburbs of Moscow and does some very catchy Hip-hop with traces of trumpets and balalaika. You can check his website here and enjoy the...


ssshhhiiittt! does post-punk with a very good vibe. More post-punk from Rostov! Make sure to check their bandcamp website.


Svidaniye (“Date” - as in a romantic date) is good indie from Moscow. You can see more about them in their label’s website.

Kontora Kooka

Kontora Kooka (“the office of Cook”): an avant-garde, experimental, industrial, art/post-punk band from Samara. Most of their albums are on bandcamp.


Auktyon (auction) is a great, versatile band from St. Petersburg led by Leonid Fedorov. It has been around from 1978, changing genres and accumulating influe...