This blog is part of my attempt to discover Russia through its music and language. Language because I will (try to) add Russian translations of my posts to speed up my language learning. Music because I will introduce original, modern, non-mainstream music from Russia and other former Soviet states. I will also include videos with lyrics translated into English when available, or say something relevant related to the songs I introduce (e.g. lyric themes, historical context, new trends).

I feel that the image of Russian music is probably that of a conservative and old-fashioned nature. Quite the opposite, Russia is thriving in musical experiments, and a search for its own identity also gives way to very interesting Russian-folk-influenced new music. Be ready!

This project comes after another similar one I did after moving to Japan, which was on (you guessed correctly) JapaneseSounds. My recent venture into the Russian world now urges me to start doing RussianSounds too.

Introducing music from Russia and former Soviet states