This blog is part of my attempt to discover Russia through its music and language. Language because I will (try to) add Russian translations of my posts to speed up my language learning. Music because I will introduce original, modern, non-mainstream music from Russia and other former Soviet states. I will also include videos with lyrics translated into English when available, or say something relevant related to the songs I introduce (e.g. lyric themes, historical context, new trends).

I feel that the image of Russian music is probably that of a conservative and old-fashioned nature. Quite the opposite, Russia is thriving in musical experiments, and a search for its own identity also gives way to very interesting Russian-folk-influenced new music. Be ready!

This project comes after another similar one I did after moving to Japan, which was on (you guessed correctly) JapaneseSounds. My recent venture into the Russian world now urges me to start doing RussianSounds too.