For more Russian and post-soviet music you might want to try the following websites.

Far from Moscow: lots of information on non-mainstream music from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Baltic nations. Many artists and genres. There’s a label as well “Far from Moscow Records” with great music. Slightly biased towards electronic music. Hosted by the University of California, Los Angeles.

The Calvert Journal: a portal with news and articles on the modern and avant-garde culture of “the New East” (Russia, Balkans and former Soviet states). An overall great website to find post-soviet music, film, art, tech and more.

VKontakte: “The” social networking site to go for things in Russian. The search functionality is great and music-centered users and communities are many as well. Register for lots of free music.

MoscowBeat: A very active page (“subreddit”) within the reddit website, where people share links to contemporary post-Soviet music.