Indie to the streets of Moscow

Fairlane Acoustic is a Russian project similar to the popular Take Away Shows of La Blogotheque. Here Russian bands play live on city streets or intimate spaces around Moscow. It has already gathered a decent collection of Russian indie bands. Here are some examples, but be sure to check their Youtube channel for more.

HIK: experimental, indie, “intellectual art rock”, from Moscow. synecdoche montauk: experimental, indie, from Moscow. Anna Vorfolomeeva: indie pop from Moscow. Plat’ya za 130: nostalgic pop, indie folk with fun lyrics, from Moscow.

HIK - Ogni (Lights)

synecdoche montauk - Budushee (Future)

Anna Vorfolomeeva - Prohlada (Freshness)

Plat’ya za 130 - Byvshie (Ex-boyfriends)