Post-punk is big in Russia (Part 1)

The Russian punk culture rose in the 80s together criticism towards the Soviet regime and a growing sense of lack of future. Whether because of a new “no future” feeling invading the young, political motivations or just plain musical trends, post-punk is big in Russia again. And pretty much all over the country. Vnutrennee Sgoranie: hysterical rock, post-punk, shoegazing, or post-post as they say. From St. Petersburg. Slackers: shoegaze from Omsk. As a side note, their song “I’m bored” is using some funny Norwegian and not Russian videos. Although stereotypicaly one could think it might match a bored Russian’s spring afternoon, it does not. (?) Utro: post-punk from Rostov-on-don. Formed by a Motorama member, another post-punk band which sings in English.

Vnutrennee Sgoranie - Not yet

Vnutrennee Sgoranie - No death

Slackers - I’m bored

Utro - Dushi Stareyt Bystree Tel